net zero is an impact exchange

The UK is the first major economy to legislate for a net-zero contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and, the first to enforce a 10% net biodiversity gain for new developments through its planning system. Together with the Environment Bill, land management in the UK will undergo a radical shift in the coming decades. 

          net zero helps unlock development potential and cut net carbon

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the wildlife we enjoy are just some of the 'ecosystem services' provided by our environment. The more stress we place on these services, the more expensive their impacts will be in the long term. 

net zero drives value into land that provides critical environmental services - NATURAL CAPITAL

Whether you are a business looking to reduce net emissions, a developer seeking biodiversity gains, a corporation increasing environmental responsibility or a Local Authority building environmental resilience, natural capital can be hard to source. 

net zero matches your needs with local landowners to achieve your vision

A simple, highly efficient and direct route to environmental and social improvements.

We are not just here to deliver single improvements, but a whole raft of layered natural capital enhancements for the benefit everyone!

We believe in truly sustainable development. This means that net zero is not a charity or not-for-profit organisation, nor does it rely on subsidies or tax breaks. We are a limited company and we believe this is important.


Net zero is about making connections. It is about bringing together exceptional partners to form a net zero community. Where benefits are measurable and recognised. 

Whether you are a landowner with underused land, a business looking to offset your carbon balance, a developer or a local authority, net zero can connect you with interested (and interesting!) partners.

  • Register underutilised or surplus land of any size and shape

  • Receive long term assured income for 25-30 years

  • Enhance your land without giving up control, no need to sell

  • Benefit from 'stacked'​ revenues, by promoting multiple benefits   

  • Benefit from a long-term share of the natural capital and ecological services value

  • Benefit from expert, long term, ecological management of your land

  • No arrangement, set up or service fees. No costs to you at all. 


Your Natural Capital Partnership Agreements will be available through the Partner area soon. 

In the meantime, please contact us directly to find out more.

Why net zero?

  • Our unique online approach lets you reach the whole market, no restrictions, bias or vested interests

  • Our online platform provides standard agreements for quick, simple and secure transaction

  • Long term agreements, around 30 years, and we monitor progress every step of the way

  • The way we work means absolutely no fees for you or any hidden charges of any sort

  • Your details are kept secure, only your online profile is visible to others made up of details you choose. 


  • Instantly match a land partner or let net zero find you one

  • Local, regional and national opportunities for enhancement

  • Pre-agreed principles with partner landowners for simple transactions

  • Simple, efficient and binding agreements (NCPAs) which ensure long term compliance and assurance

  • Lowest fees available for both matching and ancillary service agreement

  • Deliverable schemes with accredited, measurable, benefits away from policy uncertainty

  • Tailored schemes allowing aggregation and layering of multiple ecological services

  • Start your portfolio of future natural capital commodities to realise long-term value and hedge against price fluctuation

  • Quickly and easily register your environmental and carbon needs

  • View local land partner profiles in specific regional or local authority areas

  • Reduce long-term carbon costs and mitigate environmental liabilities

  • Realise local, measurable, net biodiversity gains to unlock developments 

  • Enhance your corporate social and environmental responsibility 

  • Establish long-term natural capital and ecological service commodities to realise value once mature


To find out how to register and identify biodiversity, carbon off-set and other ecological service opportunities contact us. 


Soon registered business will be able to view local land partner details instantly.  


In the meantime, thanks for your patience and get in touch by email or by signing up. It's quick easy and free.

Local Authorities & Statutory Bodies
  • Avoid having to buy land to promote biodiversity and ecology

  • Secure long term gains locally, for 25-30 years with the ability to monitor progress easily

  • Promote and enhance local environments in key areas and help to reach national targets

  • Easily access, credible environmental opportunities and partner landowners in strategic locations 

  • Work more closely with developers to meet sustainable development targets

  • Promote and secure real biodiversity, climate and bio-security improvements at no cost 

  • Direct bilateral agreements to secure and monitor long-term improvements

  • Agreement are also open to Authorities seeking their own natural capital improvements 


To find out what land is available in your statutory area, please contact us directly. This will shortly be available online to all registered authority partners but in the meantime, thanks for your patience. 


Contact us directly and we'd be happy to discuss land availability in more detail.


More information is coming soon about working with net zero through our Natural Capital Agent Agreements (NCAGs) agreements. Thanks for your patience. 

Agents and representatives are vital and play a pivotal role in unlocking remarkable partnerships. 


In the meantime, contact us directly and we'd be happy to discuss things in more detail.


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