What is Natural Capital?

Natural capital is the term used to describe your land assets that provide ecosystem services, perhaps without you even knowing it. 

These services provided by your natural capital include flood prevention, pollination, clean air and water and an entire portfolio of other benefits. They are invaluable, complex and sensitive.


Your assets providing these services are referred to as NATURAL CAPITAL.

Up until now we have all enjoyed natural capital for 'free'. But things are changing - if we continue to develop, build and grow our economy unsustainably the environmental costs will become insurmountable in the future. 

Net zero offers a truly sustainable solution. We match responsible businesses that want to (voluntarily or as part of a legal requirement) enhance natural capital assets and improve their ecosystem services with participating landowners. 

In short, we build exceptional long-term partnerships

If you hold land with scope to enhance your natural capital assets to improve the ecosystem services they provide you can benefit from our Natural Capital Partnership Agreements (NCPAs). 

Almost all land and water holds natural capital. Here at net zero we are focused on improving and maintaining as much land as possible. This means that, to us, some of the lowest quality land may hold the most value.


Improving poorer land over the next few decades is a critical piece of the sustainable development puzzle. Benefiting land could simply be an unused or inaccessible area or hard to reach such as steep or awkward slopes for example. 

'Improving lower quality land over the next few decades may be of the key pillars of sustainable development.'

Land use may change and we work with landowners every step of the way to make sure it is the right choice for you.


For example, taking land out of rough grazing to allow hedgerow and tree planting may represent one of the greatest improvements you could make, and generate the highest revenue, but it must be right for you.


If it is, we are here to ensure things go smoothly. 

Remember your land may perform more than one key ecological service, such as 1. increasing biodiversity 2. reducing flood risk and 3. absorbing carbon; simply by tree planting. Net zero helps you unlock and 'stack' the revenues for each service your land provides.  


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